Welcome to PitPat Fitness World
Professional training courses and participate in high bonus events that are available to everyone in the PitPat APP
About PitPat APP
Welcome to PitPat World
Professional training courses and participate in high bonus events that are available to everyone
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Home training assistant, free and professional training courses, and high bonus activities for anyone --PitPat APP
Running Apps for Mobile
Online running app covers training, events, socializing, entertainment and other modules to meet the daily needs of running and leisure.
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Sign up for the PitPat. Select Login device and enter exclusive online app run races to win big bonuses.
Treadmill Running App
On PitPat APP, you can compete, play, work out, and train. Competitions are the core part.
By logging on to PitPat, you can complete the race and be an app runner online at home and get rewards.
PitPat APP consists of short and long-distance races, high-frequency and low-frequency races. Hundreds of races are held every day, accommodating tens of thousands of app runners online at a time.
PitPat APP breaks the traditional form of running by combining it with training sessions, and online app running can also be done while playing games.
PitPat APP makes a long-term, scientific fitness plan based on your body. You just need to stick to joyfit fitness.
PitPat APP offers a full range of free training courses on online running apps, both entry-level and expert, and we want you to get better.
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Free Courses

PitPat APP offers professional classes and video guides that cover warm-ups, training, and post-run pull-ups. You can watch PitPat with or without a hardware connection if you sign up.

Free Membership Fee

PitPat has no membership fee, no other fees when you use, you don't pay anything for the indoor running app and you can even win bonuses by entering races.

Race Co-creation

Every PitPat APP runner online is a cherished member of the platform. Whether it's an interesting suggestion, idea, or event type, we welcome every user to join us in creating the PitPat world.

PitPat Fitness App
JOYFIT, founded in 2018, is a smart running and fitness brand committed to building the world's largest and best app for indoor running platforms and serving hundreds of millions of app runners online. JOYFIT Fitness adheres to the mission of changing competition forms with technology, adheres to the values of fairness, trust, truth-seeking and innovation, and takes users first as its operational philosophy. JOYFIT is committed to enabling everyone to launch a run app online competition anytime and anywhere and enjoy the charm of competitive competition through intelligent Internet technology.
About PitPat Fitness
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Learn About Our Co-brands
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Customer Review
Treadmill Tracker App
Running on Treadmill App
Running Treadmill App

When I bought the treadmill and downloaded the fun treadmill app as recommended, I found that it has a rather unique feature on it, surprisingly you can race on it, provided you connect the treadmill with the app. I experienced the free course on apps for virtual running, which is perfect for users like me who just started running. The best feature is not the course, but the race, you can join the race with other users, and there are also rewards, I already like this form of running!

Very good idea to change the offline running race to online participation, the premise is to buy their treadmill, like buying tickets :), I experienced a race, and the overall participation is not so many people, but everyone is very hard in the run experience app, even if the treadmill limits the speed play. The most interesting thing is that they also set up rewards for these online app run races, if you can get a ranking or finish the race can get a bonus, this bonus is withdrawable to your PayPal account, it seems that I have to work a little more!

I've always been wanting to buy a treadmill. I decided to buy this Joyfit Fitness treadmill until I came across this app. I have been running for a week, the intensity of course running is just right for my physical fitness. Yesterday I tried to participate in one of their race events, very lucky to win the race and get the corresponding prize money, the race will not be as stressful as the previous outdoor running competition, but more fun, is a good experience.

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PitPat has become a new option, and many people are embracing this competitive form of running: competition in online running APPs. In this process, seriousness and fun are combined, competitive and friendly at the same time, everyone enjoys this kind of running atmosphere, which makes them become better and faster.

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