How can I ensure that the data is recorded successfully?

1. When your treadmill is connected to the Internet and PitPat, the running data can be recorded successfully. You can view the running data in the PitPat app.

2. During running, as long as the treadmill is connected to the Internet, even if Bluetooth is disconnected, the data will still be automatically recorded the next day.

In order to avoid data loss, please ensure that your treadmill is successfully connected to the Internet and PitPat app when running.

How the PitPat treadmill running app free function?

PitPat provides training, fitness, games, races and other features so that all users can enjoy their passion of sports. Training is only a small part of PitPat, even if it is more functional than much other popular training software. At its core, PitPat is an online race where you invite others to race with you. Your field is a treadmill and the judges are treadmills, including anti-cheating activity trackers and smart modules.

Why my report is not generated yet after finish running?

1. Check your network. If the network falls offline during running, the report may not be generated.

2. If the running time is less than 1 minute, the report cannot be generated.

What data will be included in the report?

The report illustrates user's running time, calories burning, fat burning, miles, steps and average pace.

How long does it take for the bonus to arrive in account?

It is expected to arrive in 6 hours after the game.

How to use the best virtual running app?

1. Register and log in to PitPat, the best virtual running appandroid or iphone treadmill app click the treadmill logo on the left of the upper right corner of the screen, turn on the Bluetooth function as prompted, search for the device under the condition that the treadmill has been connected to the Internet, and click the treadmill number. If the treadmill logo is green on the upper left, it indicates that the connection is successful;

2. Click on a random race on the home page and join the race according to the normal process. The system will confirm the PitPat status of the treadmill connection before the start of the race. If the Pitpat status is not connected, it will search for the device connection automatically.

How does the best iphone treadmill app?

If youre an iPhone user, head over to the App Store and search for PitPatThe best iphone treadmill app; Android users should head over to Google Play and search for PitPat.

1. After downloading, install, and click to enter the registration page.

2. Please set your nickname, fill in your usual email address and set your password as required.

(1) Please note that the bonus will be paid to your account and withdrawn through your PayPal account. Please keep your login password.

(2) Please try to fill in the real age, which will help the system to provide you with more accurate course recommendation and race recommendation

(3) If you do not receive the verification code email, please confirm whether the email account is correct, whether the network connection is normal, or search in the dustbin; If you do not receive the email within one minute, you can resend the email or change the email address. If you do not perform the operation, 10 minutes later the system will send an email to invite you to register again, please check!

3. After you complete registration and login, you can normally use the  iphone treadmill app PitPat software function and connect to the treadmill to start the experience.

What is a Treadmill game app?

During your run, you're like a game character in the PitPat world. You run to get through the scene, or you collect gold coins, which accumulate in your account, and maybe you can redeem it for something real, like a speed-dry suit that's better for running. If you participate in a variety of races, you will accumulate gold coins more quickly.