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PitPat is a smart home fitness brand with unique online running event modes, providing a new form of exercise for all home running users.

PitPat Virtual Running Race App

PitPat - Innovative Home Fitness

JOYFIT has many years of research on home fitness equipment and extensive experience in interconnected fitness. With the increase in family fitness, our team is not satisfied with the online course. We hope to combine competitive running with home fitness equipment so that users can exercise with better efficiency and more joy. That is how PitPat was born.

  • 10 Years Industry Experience of Treadmill Workout App
    Extensive Experience

    10 years

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  • 100+ Team Members
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PitPat Culture

PitPat is an emerging fitness brand, innovation is in our genes, and we put the user first in all free virtual running apps development. We adhere to fairness and trust, which is the guarantee for all participants who join the PitPat. We believe the right culture can gather us and do more meaningful and valuable things together.

PitPat Treadmill
PitPat Treadmill
Running Event
Running Event

PitPat Vision

“Created a platform to serve hundreds of millions online race users”
PitPat Vision

Innovation is part of our DNA, and making the most popular products is our ultimate dream. With an excellent team and the right culture, PitPat believes that we can serve more users and deliver the concept of online racing to million more. We hope everyone can enjoy the new form of exercise at home. This will be the mission of the PitPat team, and we will lead the new home fitness through technological innovation.