What Should You Pay Attention To When Using PitPat For Running?

What is PitPat app?

PitPat is an indoor online running app that allows you to train daily, learn courses, and participate in running races. PitPat is a creative sports software that combines daily running with virtual reality, hosts running races online, and offers cash prizes. Users who participate in the competition can compete for the prize money for free. 

How do you participate in a race on PitPat? 

Similar to other running races, you need to register for PitPat races. Unlike other running races, PitPat has races going on at all times. You can join anytime and do not need to wait for too long. Open the app and connect your Bluetooth-enabled smart treadmill to the app, choose a distance according to your training plan, such as 3km, 5km, and even 10km or half a marathon. 

Can PitPat track running data in real-time? 

PitPat provides all users with smart bracelets that monitor real-time heart rate and step count. It can analyze data and calculate calorie consumption, helping users build training plans. It can also share data and express reduced calories through interesting comparisons, using food as a substitute, and supporting social media platforms for publishing. 

How do you correctly use the PitPat running machine application? 

First, you need to understand all the functions, choose the appropriate function and apply it to your training plan. The training plan should match your physical fitness, and safety is the goal of training. Second, participate in more races, which will make you feel the most exciting running atmosphere. Finally, remember to claim your rewards. Rewards are the ultimate goal of the race.


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