5 functions that best treadmill apps must have

When the weather is bad, or the night is too dark and you want to run, running on the treadmill may be a good choice. But many times people find treadmill running to be boring because it's the equivalent of running in place and doesn't allow for better outdoor air as well as a view of the scenery. One of the best ways to reduce the boredom and monotony of running on a treadmill and have a more engaging workout is to use a treadmill running app. The best treadmill apps should have the following features:


1. Running plans

The treadmill app should offer a variety of running plans, including novice, intermediate and advanced levels. These plans should take into account the user's goals, physical ability and time constraints. There is nothing better for beginners than a scientific training plan. These running plans might include

Long runs: Long runs are an important part of endurance training and are a great option for beginners, and the distance deserves to be the largest part of all weekly running plans.

Progressive running: You will start slowly and increase your speed at the end, achieving running ability through a change in running pace.

Hill sprints: train through an incline treadmill and choose an incline you can live with.

Tempo runs: Tempo runs are faster than your average mile pace, but slower than your sprint pace.

Interval running: Also known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), this training starts with an easy jog, with 30 seconds of sprint speed running and 1 minute of jogging or walking in exchange for recovery. Your interval training can last up to 17 minutes, but varies depending on your fitness level


2. GPS Tracking

The app should be able to track the user's running progress and route using GPS so that the user can view their progress and running route.

To use GPS tracking on a treadmill, users will need to place their smartphone or other mobile device on the treadmill and launch the GPS tracking feature in the app. The app will use the GPS chip on the device to track the speed and running progress of the treadmill and display this data on the app's interface.


3. Data tracking

The application should be able to track the user's running data, such as running speed, distance, time, calorie consumption and heart rate and other information. These data can help users monitor their progress and make better running plans.


Accelerometer:The application can use the accelerometer on the phone or other mobile device to track data such as the user's stride length, step count and step frequency. The accelerometer can detect the movement of the device and calculate the relevant data.

Heart rate monitoring: Some treadmill applications can use a heart rate monitor to track the user's heart rate. These apps can use sensors on a watch, chest strap, or phone to measure heart rate and display the data on the app's interface.

Motion sensors: Some treadmill apps can use motion sensors connected to the treadmill to track the user's running data. These sensors can detect the movement of the device and calculate the relevant data.


4. Online community

The application should have an online community where users can share their progress with other runners, discuss running problems and provide mutual support.

Provide support and encouragement: Online community can allow users to get support and encouragement, which can help them stay motivated and keep running.

Exchange experience and knowledge: The online community allows users to exchange running experience and knowledge so that they can learn and improve from each other.

Share results and goals: Through the online community, users can share their running results and goals, so that others can cheer them on and encourage them.

Get feedback and suggestions: The online community allows users to get feedback and suggestions to help them improve their running skills and develop better running plans.

Social interaction: The online community allows users to meet new friends and connect with other runners, thus increasing their social activities and enjoyment of life.


5. Virtual running

The app should have virtual running function, allowing users to run anywhere and feel various scenarios, such as hills, beaches and parks, etc.

Video: The application can use video to simulate different running scenarios, such as hills, beaches and parks, etc. Users can choose different videos to get different running experiences.

3D simulation: Some applications can use 3D modeling technology to simulate different running scenarios. These applications can create realistic virtual environments that make users feel like they are running in different places.

Sound effects: Applications can use sound effects to simulate different running scenarios, such as the sound of waves, birdsong and human voices. These sound effects can help users better immerse themselves in the virtual environment.

Interaction features: Some applications can provide interaction features that allow users to interact with other runners in the virtual environment and participate in virtual races and challenges.


In short, treadmill apps can help users monitor their progress, make plans and have a better running experience. They can provide a variety of features that allow users to better enjoy running and achieve their goals.

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