How does the virtual treadmill app help with running?

What is the virtual treadmill app?

The virtual treadmill app is a treadmill connected to an app that allows the user to see the movement of the character they control through their phone or in the form of a screen cast, as with other wearable devices. The smart treadmill can do running motion capture and calculate calorie consumption through the character's running speed and mileage.

Why should I use the virtual treadmill app?

Compared with the traditional treadmill app, virtual treadmill app is more immersive running, you can freely choose the running scene and character image, even at home you can see the scenery, compared to outdoor running is more free, you can use the smart treadmill running at any time.

Is it better to use the virtual treadmill app for running?

The common intelligent treadmill only has some simple data summary, and the running behavior depends on the user's self-exercise plan, which cannot reflect the intelligent feature. virtual treadmill app not only includes more comprehensive running data statistics, but also can help users improve their personal fitness through the automatically generated training plan, which can help users achieve better and faster results.

What is the experience of using the virtual treadmill app?

It is better than simple running. If you want to experience it in advance, you can click video to view reference videos, or search for SupeRun, DeerRun or PitPat treadmill on Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms, you can check the introduction of other users' use to determine whether you are interested and whether you want to use it.

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