PitPat Make Virtual Competitions To Everyday Life

JOYFIT located in New York has launched PitPat, a virtual sports competition service that lets you compete at home and earn a bonus based on your ranking. To support online competitions, JOYFIT is already working with partner brands to develop devices dedicated to online competitions. The first generation of race treadmills is about to hit the market this year.


Develop Virtual Races  

PitPat is positioned as an online competition platform that combines fairness, happiness, and a lively atmosphere. PitPat offers more freedom but lower barriers compared to real-world races. PitPat has more than 500 events per day from day to night, and you can be customized them the way you like. Just open the PitPat no need to wait.

The PitPat App includes a variety of races, from single-player challenges to individual ranking challenges, and the ranking is determined by speed and time. Considering different users enter the competition at different times, the online competition does not start at the same time. Instead, the results are determined by the final ranking in the race.


Equipment For Races

In the old days. We start racing at various gymnasiums or outdoor venues. For online, participants only need hardware that can be connected to PitPat, such as a treadmill. To ensure fair competition, PitPat's connected device has an anti-cheating system, including a heart rate test, gravity sensing, vivisection, etc., and determines whether participants and the competitive environment are fair based on personal physical data. Fairness is at the core of online racing and a criterion to ensure the user experience. The racing treadmill, which PitPat has been involved in developing, is about to make online racing more competitive.

PitPat's founders envision online events that are not limited to track and field running. The racing treadmill, the PitPat team sees as a key to a new version of PitPat. This means there will be a new possibility maybe one day, you'll be boxing with gloves.

Our founders believe online will complement traditional sports. With more freelancers and the next generation may work from home, the industry related to online events will grow even faster.

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