Visible Change: What do you get when you use a PitPat every day?

This is the age of universal fitness, where people are in and out of communal gyms or fitness equipment centres for healthier habits and better fitness. On top of that, with the impact of the New Crown epidemic, working from home has become a workhorse and home gym equipment has become the newest choice for fitness. Isn't it fascinating to think that when you stand on a treadmill while thinking about a problem, by the time you come up with a solution, you've burned a few hundred calories along the way? In the age of universal fitness, home gym equipment and best treadmill app for weight loss has become the new normal as many people are discovering the benefits of owning a smart treadmill. Among the best virtual running app for treadmill, PitPat stands out. Combining the physical benefits of running with the excitement of online competitions, this free smart treadmill app creates a uniquely immersive running world that offers rewards and encourages social interaction.


Step into the future of fitness with PitPat


Running is a universal sport, simple, yet essential, with numerous health benefits for everyone. The introduction of smart treadmills for home use has revolutionised the way we perform this essential exercise, we no longer have to worry about sudden rain interfering with our running plans, and while running in the rain can be a wonderful experience, it's better to take care of your body for health reasons.


PitPat takes this convenience to the next level.PitPat can't be used off the treadmill, but as a free smart treadmill app, PitPat doesn't just keep track of mileage, it brings runners together in a virtual community where they can compete, socialise, and earn rewards. This community is called "PitPat World". In PitPat World, users from all over the world can be based in the real world, or they can travel across borders to see the sports culture of different countries in this world.


Tournament bonuses: the best reward for participating in a tournament


The beauty of PitPat lies in its reward system, and the JOYFIT team believes that online tournaments should have the same reward system as offline tournaments. Everyone has a competitive mindset and wants to get faster and better through more exciting behaviour. By participating in various competitions or various training races with rewards, users can win cash, sports badges, souvenirs, etc., and even some limited rewards, such as some special festivals, at which you will see different costumes, different forms of activities and rules when you log in to the PitPat world, and it makes online competitions more relevant to the real world. Races range from one-on-one challenges to grand 1000-person team events. The more you run, the more you win!


But the rewards aren't just material. Regular use of PitPat improves your athleticism as you push yourself against others. According to statistics, at least 30% of people who use PitPat for a long period of time improve their running speed and running duration, with greater endurance. In addition, your running stats are tallied on a monthly basis, giving you a clear picture of your progress and helping you set and achieve your personal fitness goals.


Immersive virtual world


PitPat is more than just a fitness app, it presents users with an immersive virtual world where they can customise their character, dress differently, wear different hairstyles, and even skin colour - a world where you can be anyone and experience the thrill of running in various virtual scenarios with unimaginable outfits. The illusion of living in this new world makes every run exciting and engaging, turning the mundane task of running on a treadmill into an adventure. The environments are more imaginative, you can see land creatures on the beach or strange flying objects in the sky. When you open the door to your room, you may only see a simple urban environment, but when you open the PitPat, a magical land is waiting for you to choose from.


Social Fitness Experience


In addition to its competitive and immersive features, PitPat focuses on the social aspect of fitness. You can add friends to races and even make new friends by adding strangers to your workouts and races. The app bridges the gap between physical distance and social interaction, bringing people together in the pursuit of fitness.


In the world of PitPat, you even have the opportunity to compete alongside sports stars. While in reality they may be far away from you, in the world of PitPat, they're right next to the treadmill.


PitPat isn't just about fun and games, it's also very much about fair play in sports. With real-time data monitoring of current and voltage changes between software and hardware, the app ensures fair play. Its anti-cheating measures (such as recognising actual matches) ensure that everyone has an equal chance of winning.


Using PitPat on a daily basis can bring you many benefits. From improving your athletic ability and winning a variety of prizes, to socialising with like-minded people and experiencing the thrill of competing in the virtual world, PitPat turns your workout routine into an exciting adventure.

So what can you expect from using PitPat every day? A healthier, more active lifestyle, a community of motivated runners, and the chance to win exciting rewards. Enter the world of PitPat today and discover a new, fun way to get fit.

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