Does Treadmill Running Pose Risks to Knee Health?

In modern life, indoor workouts using a smart fitness treadmill or treadmill app have become a common way for many people to stay healthy. However, exercising on a treadmill may have different effects on the body, especially on the health of the knees, compared to running outdoors.

Potential Risks

Treadmills provide a more stable surface than outdoor terrain, which can reduce the risk of tripping or spraining an ankle. However, repetitive movements on a treadmill can put stress on the knees, especially if proper form and precautions are not taken.


One potential risk factor is excessive stride length, where the footfalls are too far in front of the body’s center of gravity. This can lead to increased impact on the knee when it hits the ground, which over time may lead to knee pain or injury. Additionally, improperly cushioned or worn shoes can exacerbate the impact on the knee, as inadequate shock absorption may increase pressure on the joint. 


Treadmill tracking apps, such as PitPat, can be valuable tools for monitoring and optimizing your indoor running sessions. They provide insights into your pace, distance covered, and even biomechanical data like stride length. By utilizing PitPat, runners can better regulate their stride length to avoid overextension, thereby reducing the risk of knee strain or injury.


Meanwhile, when exploring ways to protect knee health, it is significant that we focus on key steps before, during and after running to minimize potential risks.

Essential Steps for Protecting Knees

1.Warm Up

1. muscle stretches

It focused on the front of the thighs, back leg muscles, glutes and calves for 15-30 seconds each.

2. jogging&aerobic

In addition, prepare your body by warming up with jogging and aerobic exercise to gradually increase your heart rate and blood flow.

3. deep squat

At this stage, you can also strengthen the muscles around your knees and improve the flexibility of your joints by doing 5-10 deep squats.

2. Proper Posture

This includes landing on the mid-foot directly below the center of gravity of the body, rather than in a wide stance.

1.head upright

The head should be naturally upright with the eyes forward, avoiding excessive tilting or bowing of the head.

2.relax arms

Arms should be relaxed and swing naturally without excessive swinging or crossing to maintain balance.

3.body straight

The body posture should be straight and the core muscles should be tightened to avoid excessive swinging or twisting of the body.


When landing on your feet, you should land on your heels first, and then naturally transition to the balls of your feet and toes to reduce the impact on your knees.

In addition, ensuring adequate shoes with proper cushioning and support can help minimize impact on the knees and lower extremities.


It is also vital to perform proper stretches at the end of your run.

1.calf stretches

It include stretches for the gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior muscles, each lasting 15-30 seconds.

2.ligament stretching

Additionally, targeting the ligaments around the knee with stretches such as knee stretches and relaxing the gluteal muscles through movements such as deep squat stretches can also reduce stress on the knee.


Incorporating variety into a smart fitness treadmill workout can help reduce repetitive stress on the knees. This may include adjusting the incline, speed, or incorporating interval and cross-training activities to mobilize different muscle groups and reduce overuse injuries. Listening to your body, adequate rest and recovery are key to preventing knee injuries. If you experience persistent knee pain or discomfort on the treadmill, it is critical to consult a medical professional or certified trainer to assess your condition and address any underlying issues.


In conclusion, while treadmill workout has many benefits for cardiovascular health and convenience, it is important to be aware of the potential risks to your knee health. By maintaining proper posture, wearing appropriate shoes, incorporating variety into your workout, and prioritizing rest and recovery, you can minimize the likelihood of knee injury and safely enjoy the benefits of treadmill running.

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