PitPat Releases PitPat Pro, the First Vision Pro-Enabled Exercise and Fitness App

The world’s largest online competition platform, PitPatlaunches PitPat Pro, which is the first fitness app to support Vision Pro, utilizing the powerful spatial computing capabilities of Vision Pro to present users with a high-definition, interactive and immersive landscape experience. Currently one needs to have a treadmill from PitPat’s brand partners DeerRun SupeRun in order to experience it in Vision Pro.

The PitPat team indicate that PitPat Pro brings new life style to indoor fitness by bringing traditional competitions into virtual world. Additionally, you can experience customized maps in Vision Pro, such as space, deep sea and more.

Refinement and optimization of PitPat Pro is the main task at the moment, and we will continue to update new maps and launch new competitions for users, implied the founder of PitPat.

Safe Workout

Don't worry about being safe when you use the PitPat Pro. Its treadmill partner brands are all ergonomically designed and super stable. The running board is made of MDF, which is high pressure-carrying and weight-slowing. As a result, you can experience a silky and smooth run while wearing the Vision Pro.

Comfortable to Use

Theres no need to worry about discomfort when using the PitPat Pro. On the one hand, The Vision Pros light blocker consists of a mesh material that is breathable to use and doesnt fog up the lenses. Meanwhile, the light pads can be easily popped out and replaced, and are washable. Its material wicks away sweat well and reduces discomfort. PitPat Pro also makes you comfortable.

The strong shock absorbing function of the smart fitness treadmill of the cooperative brand scientifically protects the knees, low radiation, low noise, and passed FCC and CE certification. Roller is made of PA66, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance.

Even if you stay at home, you can participate in PitPat Pros online competitions anytime, rain or shine, day or night, 24 hours a day. And of course, you can challenge people anytime, anywhere, and that challenge can be to a stranger or your buddy. Most importantly, you can challenge yourself. Every time you challenge yourself, you are constantly surpassing yourself.


Immersive Fitness

With Vision Pros micro-OLED technology, you can experience immersive scenes on the PitPat Pro, making movement more realistic.Vision Pros spatial audio system allows sound to come in as if from all sides of the user and makes the sound blend into the space. So, when customizing your training with PitPat Pro, you can run in an immersive map by entering the PitPat world, the virtual city created by PitPat, and creating an avatar of your own. Such images will stimulate the viewer and increase the motivation to exercise. You can run from ocean to space, the PitPat Pro has unlimited creativity.

In PitPat Pro, you can even socialize. Its also a interactive treadmill app. When working out, you can turn on verbal interaction and start making friends anytime, anywhere. PitPat Pro is also great for office work.When you have a meeting in PitPat Pro, not only do you get a physical workout, but your work is done as well, killing two birds with one stone.


Future Prospect

PitPat Pro adheres to the principle of user first and will continue to provide better service to our users. We know that the needs of our users are the driving force for us to move forward, so we will continue to improve and innovate in order to meet the expectations and needs of our users. PitPat is the best free running apps for treadmill.

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