Privacy Policy

PitPat app is an app for smart treadmills. Our goal is to provide digital sports health services. We create virtual experiences, structured workouts, and group activities so you can achieve your training goals and interact with other PitPat users. This means that PitPat is a social platform and your profile information and your running, races, and other workout data will be shared with other users of the Pitpat App, and with your consent, allow other users to share the information on other platforms. 

User privacy is important to us and we have this Privacy Policy to explain how we collect, use and share the information we obtain when you use websites, apps, virtual treadmills and other exercise games, including the PitPat app, PitPat app Companion Apps and other services ("Services") operated or controlled by JOYFIT, Inc. ( hereafter called "we", "our" or "PitPat app"). PitPat app is a product of JOYFIT, Inc. More Detail